Erchonia Cold Low-Level Laser Therapy

The Erchonia  laser effectively treats pain without harmful side effects. It  is used to  correct  muscle  imbalances  and  speed  up  the  healing  process.    Low-level  laser therapy  uses  light  therapy  to:  promote  energy  production, promote  cell  growth and  proliferation,  promote  biochemical  reactions,  for  protein  and  growth  factor synthesis,  to  enhance  blood  and  oxygen  flow,  and  to  prevent  cell  death.  This  all adds up to decreased pain, decreased inflammation, and faster recovery times. The laser can be used in a variety of ways and for a variety of conditions, from general pain,  to  headaches,  to  tendonitis.  The  Erchonia  lasers  are  backed  by  a  company that  has  14  FDA  cleared  conditions  and  tons  of  research behind  it.  They  are leading experts in laser technology and are at the forefront for laser research.

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